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Magnetic bookmarks
Kosher mini chocolates
for simchas
Confetti - Mazeltov, bar
mitzvah, bat mitzvah,
magen david & l'chaim
Magnetic puzzles
Kids Judaica coloring
sets, bookmarks &
Tzedakah boxes: Full
color & color your own
Stickers: Hebrew-English
& judaica designs
Magnetic picture frames
Unique gift products
Magnetic bulletin boards
Judaica Gift sets
Sefirat haomer (counting
the omer) magnets
Greeting cards
Magnets / magnetic
memo pad
Magnetic calendars
Mini Memo block &
pen set
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magnetic puzzle: hebrew alphabet (alef bet)
magnetic puzzle: hebrew alphabet (alef bet)
personalized magnetic bookmarks
personalized magnetic bookmarks
Jerusalem magnetic notice board, magnetic picture frame and magnetic bookmark
Jerusalem magnetic notice board, magnetic picture frame and magnetic bookmark
hebrew alphabet gift set for kids
hebrew alphabet gift set for kids
jewish holiday (chagim) gift set for kids
jewish holiday (chagim) gift set for kids
magnetic picture frames and greeting cards
magnetic picture frames and greeting cards
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If we have not answered a particular question below, please CONTACT US



If I have a limited budget, do you have low budget favors (table gifts) for our guests, or low budget promotional products for our clients?

Yes, we certainly do.  L.A.K. Creations & Consulting specializes in personalized products to suit all budgets. We have a range of unique gifts for well under $1, and at the same time have a range of mid-priced and more lucrative gift range, to suit a more exclusive occasion

I'm already spending a vast amount of money on my simcha. Why should I also include favors or table gifts for my guests?

Your guests are special to you. It's a lovely gesture to give them a little something to take home, saying "thanks for being part of our event". It's amazing how this small gift, which does not have to break your budget, is often what reminds your guests of your event afterwards, & what differentiates your simcha from another 

With what aspects of my simcha can you assist me?

We assist you with advice in planning the event and / or shabbat, designing & printing the invitations, & can advise and provide you with inexpensive, unique & quality customized gift products to give out to your guests. We can also assist you with balloon and table décor, as well as fun party items to use during the simcha

What types of products can you offer me as gifts for my upcoming bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or wedding?

L.A.K. Creations & Consulting designs & produces magnetic and printed gifts including: magnetic bookmarks, magnets with any type of bracha, photo or text, magnetic calendars or sefirat haomer magnets, customized chocolates & candies, unique benchers, tefillat haderech and havdala gifts, personalized keyrings, magnetic picture frames, pens with pullouts of various brachot or sites in Israel, etc.

The list is endless… Contact us for more details, or view some of our products on either our personalized gift items or promotional products pages for more information

What kind of services do you offer businesses, companies or organizations?

L.A.K. Creations & Consulting is your one-stop address for printed business materials, as well as promotional & employee gifts. On the printing side, we design & produce business cards, magnets, office stationery, invoices, brochures, etc. Save yourself time and money by ordering from one centralized place, instead of running to different printers for different products. In fact you don't even have to leave your office… We'll e-mail you graphics to approve, & will also arrange to have your order delivered directly to you!

On the gift side, we'll advise you on a suitable promotional or business gift to suit your budget and the type of event. We produce and print on a wide range of products that are lightweight for both sending out in the mail, as well as for taking to exhibitions, both locally & abroad. You will find that our prices are competitive, and we pride ourselves on our quality service, which most of our clients compliment us on as being superior to many other companies. We have relations with leading importers, and can offer you thousands of different promotional products. If you do not see a product listed on our site, contact us, and we'll make every effort to assist you   

On the consulting side, we provide mentoring, coaching and consulting for small businesses and organizations, assisting you in reaching a wider clientele, identifying & meeting your goals, targeting your desired market and a lot more. We offer one on one consulting as well as workshops on Business Development and Self-enhancement topics.

Why do I need to give out business promotional products, especially if business is tight right now and I can't really afford it?

When the economy is tight and business is slower, the most important budget you should not cut back on is advertising and promotional products. These are a reminder to your existing, as well as future clients that you are in business, and when their budgets improve, it's a way of them remembering you. L.A.K. Creations & Consulting works with small and large businesses. We'll be happy to advice you on inexpensive, quality products & a package to suit your budget, including offering you attractive payment options, that will not affect your business functioning

How soon before my event or exhibition do I need to make an inquiry or order a personalized gift product?

When you're arranging a simcha or event, or are planning a business promotional campaign, there are many last minute details that unfortunately can't be taken care of before. Fortunately with personalized gifts (favors) & promotional business gifts, if you're able to estimate the quantity you'll require, this is something that doesn't need to be left until the last moment. In fact, it will take a lot of pressure off you, knowing that you've taken care of this before. It's never too early to start inquiring…

How long does actual production of personalized orders take?

Depending on the product and its availability, some orders can be ready in 24 hours, and others may require longer production time – from two weeks to one month.

Personalized gift products
that involve graphic work, require additional production days. Although we're able to take care of urgent orders, it adds unnecessary pressure on all ends if you leave your order until the last moment. This applies even more so before the chagim. It's preferable that you contact us at least one to two months before your event, and if you're able to plan further ahead, even better. L.A.K. Creations & Consulting is happy to assist you, even if it's at the last moment…

How do I order?

We accept Visa, Mastercard & Diners card (not Amex) or a bank transfers in Shekels. We also accept checks

Do I need to meet with you or come into your offices? What if I live outside Israel?

Although we're always happy to meet with you or speak to you telephonically, if you'd prefer to order and make all inquiries via our website or e-mail, this is certainly possible. In fact, in today's fast society, we work with clients worldwide, where many of them we don't get to meet face-to-face. However, you'll still receive the same quality service that we provide a client whom we meet with. We're here to assist you and to provide you with the best service possible. We're happy to work with you using any communication method of your choice!

To which areas do you ship?

We ship our magnetic and printed products worldwide, using reliable delivery methods. You can either order them for yourselves, or we can ship any of our products as gifts from you (with a personalized message) to any country of your choice. Our gift baskets & gift bags are produced for use within Israel. If you live abroad and are having an event in Israel, we'd be happy to customize gift bags / gift baskets for your group, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or wedding guests

If I live abroad, why order from Israel?

Today the world is a much smaller place with internet and e-mail. L.A.K. Creations & Consulting is able to offer you the same products as many of your local companies, and very often provides a better service & lower prices – even though we may be in a different country. In addition, many of our products are exclusively designed by us, and are not available elsewhere. Most of our printed products are made in Israel, so you'll also be supporting "blue and white"

Do you only take care of large orders?

L.A.K. Creations & Consulting
is happy to assist you with all size orders. For non-customized orders, you may order via our website and shopping cart in any quantity of your choice. For customized orders, the price per unit is determined by the quantity ordered & method of printing required. Please contact us for details.

Promotional products:
Most of these items are available in mid to larger quantities only. Check with us regarding the minimum quantities and product availability for any particular item

How can I pay for my order?

We accept Visa, Mastercard & Diners card (not Amex) or a bank transfers in Shekels. We also accept checks

Do you offer a guarantee on your products?

We at L.A.K. Creations & Consulting not only provide quality service and quality designs with a difference, but also stand behind our products. Any customer query following a purchase is regarded with as much importance as a pre-purchase inquiry.


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