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We'll create a magnetic bulletin board for your business or organization. As an inexpensive give-away item, your message or service will be seen time after time. Available in different sizes and versions.

Click to enlarge these customized designs below. 


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Magnetic bulletin boards (notice boards)

Judaica & everyday design magnetic bulletin boards in two different sizes


  • a convenient place to write your shopping lists? 
  • a permanent place for the kids to write phone messages? 
  • a reliable place to write your "things to do" or "who to phone" list?

MAGNETIC BULLETIN BOARDSIf you answered yes to EVEN one of the above… our MAGNETIC BULLETIN BOARDS can solve your problem!

  • No longer will you have pieces of paper lying around the house...and when you need them, you can't find them! 
  • Finally, you'll get your phone messages!

Being MAGNETIC, these attractively designed A4 or A5 size notice boards attach to your refrigerator. Based in the kitchen, they're close-by to make an immediate note of "what to buy" before you forget. Fully laminated, they're protected against kitchen spills

For your convenience, attached to each MAGNETIC BULLETIN BOARD is a magic marker. Saves searching for a pen, and text is easily erased

These MAGNETIC BULLETIN BOARDS can also be used as REGULAR BULLETIN BOARDS. Simply attach them to any pin-board or wall. Ideal for the house, classroom and office, and for every member of the family. Great for kids to make school notes!

In adddition, we customize magnetic bulletin boards in any size and design to suit your business, organization or group needs.

Your name and logo will be seen over and over again!MAGNETIC BULLETIN BOARDS

Also ideal for giving as favors to guests at your upcoming simcha or event. An ideal product to enclose in gift baskets or bags! 

For further information & discounted prices for personalized magnetic bulletin (notice) boards, or to purchase existing designs in large quantities CONTACT US


Click on the designs below to enlarge

A4 size (21 x 30 cm) magnetic bulletin boards
Jerusalem A4 size magnetic bulletin board   Kotel (Western wall) A4 size magnetic bulletin board   Seven species A4 size magnetic bulletin board
Jerusalem magnetic bulletin board   Western wall (Kotel) with seven species A4 size magnetic Bulletin board  
Item nb01: Jerusalem A4 sizeMagnetic Bulletin Board
  Item nb03: Kotel (Western Wall) A4 size magnetic Bulletin board
  Item nb05: The Seven Species A4 size Magnetic Bulletin Board
Sunflower A4 size magnetic bulletin board   Jerusalem magnetic memo pad

  Pomegranate (rimon)
magnetic memo pad

sunflower   A4 size magnetic bulletin board   Jerusalem magnetic memo pad
  Pomegranate (rimon) magnetic memo pad
Item nb04: Sunflower Magnetic A4 size Bulletin Board

  Item m107: Jerusalem magnetic memo pad
  Item m109: Pomegranate (rimon) magnetic memo pad
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